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The Westfield Thrifty Fashionista market day!


This is a sponsored post brought to you by Westfield and Nuffnang.

Ya’ll will remember me talking about the market day that Westfield was throwing (Click here to read about that!) Well I of course took some photos of the day to share with you :)

I arrived at around 9am to begin setup and started the day with a bang… literally.  As I walked in I completely stacked and fell over.  Luckily that was the end of the bad luck and the rest of the day was awesome!!

It’s so great to see how well vintage and second hand is received by people.  And lovely to meet some of my readers too! Thanks for coming on down! I hope you enjoy your new to you treasures :) Read More!

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Hola! I’m Trish Hunter!  I am a Melbourne based vintage blogger who lives & loves the complete vintage life.  My blog is a lifestyle blog with a vintage twist!

But things are being shaken up, things are changing, things are changing big time.

I can’t say more, all I can say is in the coming months Trish Hunter Finds will be NO MORE!

I am available for interviews, talks, writing, photoshoots, sponsored blog posts, advertising, and a whole lot more. Please contact me for further information. xx

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Vintage 1950s wiggle madmen dress in green metallic christmas fabric! Vintage 1960s La Ronde fashions Melbourne Orange watercolour dress Green vintage 1950s cotton day dress by Horrockses Fashions. Vintage 1960s happy green/pink watercolour tetrex dress! xw

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